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Your Virginian sweetheart will know the perfect wine to drink at dinner and will have access to some of the best local stuff around. They live in one of the most beautiful places in the country and are sure to make great hiking buddies.

If the two of you have a weekend off, there’s a good chance they’ll pick exploring nature over a Netflix Marathon, whether it means finding a new place around town or climbing around the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Virginia is home to the NRA and some awesome hunting, meaning a ton of Virginians grew up with a gun in hand.

It’s a sure bet they’ll always be willing to grab their gun to check out anything that goes “bump” in the night.

This means that a ton of Virginians stay in-state for their education, getting a great degree while paying cheaper instate tuition.

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From state fairs to beach parties to odd celebrations like the Carytown Watermelon Fest, Virginia knows how to throw a damn good fiesta.

American wine got its start in Virginia, as 400 years ago settlers of Jamestown started experimenting with making their own wine.

While there was little success with the local industry in Virginia until the 1800s, today the state is one of the leading wine makers in the country.

Virginia is a diverse state, full of mountainous areas, rural towns, and big cities.

It’s hard to stereotype a Virginian because they’re all so dang different.

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