Who is delonte west dating

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Well, the whole year has sucked to be honest, but today has been especially bad.

Caryn Taylor, who was Delonte West’s live-in girlfriend, allegedly went buck wild when Delonte tried to end the relationship last year.

We’ll pull up at the docks and got a guy waiting for us, open our door up and we walk down a lit-up dock and onto the yacht, where we have dinner set up on the boat and we just cruise out on the water. I can be romantic, but this is real, we’re going to eat some chicken tonight.

Sit down and have some dinner, some shrimps and steaks, keep it nice and breezy. The red Moet, we ain’t popping no Kristal, it tastes like urination.

It's not immediately clear what West did to merit the suspensions, but they're as a result of behavior "detrimental to the team," according to ESPN.

Man, it must really suck to be a Celtics fan today.From there, I’d have the music pumping on the radio.The Jim Jones pumping, you know, ‘Summer in Miami’ song pumping.Delonte West has just been released by the Dallas Mavericks, following a strange 2-week saga that involved the NBA player being suspended twice.Now it's just official: He's off the team and has been replaced by Eddy Curry.

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