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This makes voting different from banking and anything else we do on the Internet, and it makes security much harder.

Even allegations of vote hacking would be enough to undermine confidence in the system, and we simply cannot afford that.

After the polls close, we aggregate votes -- ­from individual machines, to polling places, to precincts, and finally to totals.

This system is insecure as well, and we can do a lot more to make it reliable. We have to decide that the goal of our election system is for the most people to be able to vote with the least amount of effort.

Technology can do a lot more to make our elections more secure and reliable, and to ensure that participation in the democratic process is available to all. First, the voter registration process can be improved. People should be able to register online, just as they can register for other government services.

The voter rolls need to be protected from tampering, as that's one of the major ways hackers can disrupt the election.

Either the duplicate records means I won't be able to vote and may only find out when I show up at the polls, or bunches of people can be cloned in every county. How do you verify citizenship or identity (birth certificates)?

We simply can't build an Internet voting system that is secure against hacking because of the requirement for a secret ballot.Similarly, our system of recounts can be made more secure and efficient. If we continue to enact voter suppression measures like ID requirements, barriers to voter registration, limitations on early voting, reduced polling place hours, and faulty machines, then we are harming democracy more than we are by allowing our voting machines to be hacked. Tags: national security policy, security engineering, security standards, voting Posted on May 10, 2017 at PM • 78 Comments • May 10, 2017 PM A secure way to differentiate a legitimate voter from those not permitted to vote is essential for a secure election process. Absent a secure way to identify a voter, programs like online registration open up a raft of opportunities for abuse.We have already declared our election system to be critical national infrastructure. • May 10, 2017 PM @Gunslinger: Real cases of vote fraud that actually happen would not be stopped by voter ID. Requiring voter ID is effectively a poll tax and would disenfranchise millions of citizens.Especially if you don't have credit, don't have a recent utilty bill, aren't familiar with the area (I once tried to go through Equifax's system, was denied, but it was a case where I couldn't appeal).Can you even do something like 2 factor authentication?

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