Phone call etiquette for dating

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Just try and sit on your hands and let that first call come from him. There is a big difference between calling a man randomly and calling him because he requested that you do so.If a man you have been talking to walks up to you with his phone number and asks you to call him later then this is a totally different scenario.Growing up many of us heard never to call a guy and to let him call you first.Over the years we have evolved somewhat because of things like womens lib and equal rights.Calling After the First Date This is a really tough one.

If you meet an interesting guy and you two seem to hit it off, give him your number.You could tell him to hold on and you will write your number down for him so he can call you when it is convenient or you could just take the number and call him later.Either way this is a time when calling a man is acceptable.You have just had your first experience together, he either got really into you on this date or he decided he really didnt like you all that much after all.If you call him first then how will you really know? Now, once he does call you then you have set the precedent to be able to call him in a couple of days if that is what you want to do.

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