Outlook 2016 nk2 file not updating newer speaker dating codes

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When they log off the SID will go away & only the backup of the profile hive ending in . What does the event log say is causing these issues? Once their local profile has been re-generated, have them log off to verify the local profile is copied up to roaming profile folder as expected 9.Depending on what you find, you might need to just clear the remnants of the user's profile from the server to resolve the issues. If you have configured a roaming profile folder for them, rename the current profile folder to USERNAME. Create a new roaming folder for them using the same name as the old one 6. Copy over any files or folders they might need from their old profile to their new one (like NK2 files if you're using Outlook 2003 or their MS signatures folder) 10.This means, that they have to setup Outlook with profile, printers, desktop and other things. It sounds like they are logging into temporary profiles due to an issue with roaming profiles loading. This KB article may help you if this is the case https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/971338 This would be happening if their user profile folder under C:\Users is being deleted.I would check for any scripts that are setup for automated tasks.

have them log off (the temp profile in C:\users and their temp profile key in the Profile List should go away when they log off) 2. So, if you have trouble renaming the folder, you will have to take ownership of the folder to rename it.

It’s generally recommended that important data be backed up in data also be backed up in another physical location, such as a different building, or online.

More than anything, the important concept is that there never be only a single copy of important data. See also: back up PST is an acronym for Personal STore, and is the file format used by the Microsoft Office Outlook email and personal information management program.

Microsoft provides the utility “scanpst” to scan and repair PST files suspected to have issues.

PST stands for “Personal STore” – as in your personal mail storage.

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