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I've only been in a serious relationship with a woman close to my age once, she was 22 is now 23 and we still stay in age.I find I can go on a date or two with women who are close in age to me, maybe even mess around with them but it never gets serious.If you look at the ratings on UD, the gay definition has 432 thumbs up and 129 down, while the "young man who likes older women" definition has 8 thumbs up and 17 down. I'm 22, my lady will be 29 in a few days, I was 21 when we started dating.I typically prefer women who are in this range (27-30).I don't think a guy who is into older women would refer to himself as a cub.

Meanwhile back in 2003 Cameron Diaz—then 30, earned the cougar label for dating only eight-years-younger Justin Timberlake.

@Mari-Lou A Well, hey, it's slang, just like cradle-snatcher. And come on, the first definition includes "Someone who steals and robs graves." Hard to beat that level of legitimacy, you know? Yes, I've heard it but used with this meaning: to steal from graves. I would consider "gold digger' to be genderless, And while it doesn't demand that the "target" be older, it's certainly common that that's the case.

So someone who robs graves is sexually attracted to older people? Good answers require a little work, but the bounty expires in a week and you're likely to earn more upvotes if you "show" the term is also used in the "May December romance" context. You got an upvote from the [email protected] A Heh, I didn't even notice the bounty until you pointed it out :) Just saw the question and thought "hey, that sounds like that term I hate." Honestly, I much prefer "toy boy." Super cute. (To assure the right connotation is read, one could always use "(g)old digger".)@Hot Licks "Old digger" just sounds like an old man who digs for a living. Or someone who's been seen around a lot and for whatever reason is called "Digger." "Say, you know that guy?

Also find spoken pronunciation of cougar in Hindi and in English language.

What cougar means in Hindi, cougar meaning in Hindi, cougar definition, examples and pronunciation of cougar in Hindi language.

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