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We were invited to his house on the first night of our stay.I was introduced to his girlfriend Anne who suggested that I went out for a drink with her the following evening. But I must warn you that we play for quite high stakes." "Thanks, that's fine," I replied, thinking that I could take these guys on easily, and make some extra spending money. I had already noticed them eying me up from across the room.They had lost our hotel telephone number and couldn't warn me. They looked about the same age as Sam, in their late twenties, I guessed. I had put all the dollars my boyfriend had given me into my handbag, intending to leave them in the hotel safe.But my taxi had been waiting, and I forgot, and rushed out without depositing them.

When my black thong came into view, he paused, and the other two applauded and whistled.So I had about 0 with me, which was what we had budgeted to spend on the trip, as we had full board at the hotel.I sat down at the table, drinks were poured, and we started.Unfortunately, either my luck or my skill deserted me.After a promising start, I started losing big-time. After an hour, not only had I lost the 0, but another 0, which Ted had lent me. I also knew that we had reached the limit on our credit cards, to pay for the trip.

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