Intimidating shout macro target

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The main house was mostly belowground, carved into one of the planet's many rocky hillsides, and was much more than just living quarters.The two men strode down a wide corridor carved straight through the orange stone; floor, walls, and ceiling all polished to a mirror finish.While everyone called it an estate the property was much more than that, close to a dozen buildings scattered over an area the size of a spaceport.They were all interconnected by aboveground walkways and underground passageways, and dominated by the huge residence squatting in the center of the complex.

What was once only the dream of a few special men . Everyone doing their part, whether they knew it or not.

I don't think she even knew there were sensors out there, she sure wasn't trying to hide.

The first thing she apparently did was approach the testing center and start asking questions of two technicians who were standing outside taking a break.

Employees and household staff members came into view, moving up and down the hall and in and out of the many doors that punctuated its length. The big hallway was the architectural spine of the main house.

Almost all the rooms in the sprawling building ran off of it at one point or another.

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    Wearing a casual look of a knit sweater paired with slim-cut jeans, Dunst's square-cut ring shone on the streets of L.