Internet dating after 50

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With nerves rattled in the pay-TV industry over cord-cutting, Comcast Corp.

launched this week in the Philadelphia area an -a-month Instant TV streaming service, a “skinny bundle” of broadcast-TV networks, PBS, and local government channels.

Even when expected, the death of a partner is a shocking heartbreak.

Weathering the waves of sadness — and building a new life without your mate — may pose the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced. Your partner would want you to be happy again, so banish the notion that you are somehow “betraying” him or her by seeing someone new.

I’ve seen the movie-from-hell that is a failed marriage. Mel says she’s happier at this stage of her life than ever. So Mel was also a surprise — a wonderful lady who loved me.

She had expected life in France as a single, social woman to be about great wine, food and friends — but not romance. It didn’t matter that I was unemployed, going broke and all but homeless.

And my home was no longer a home; my wife and I had already wrecked it. Over the course of my 63 years, I've had three true loves.

This one is the best, and for one simple reason: age. Me, I had felt like an empty shell with nothing to offer.

An Instant TV subscriber would have to purchase a Roku streaming device to watch the channels on a television itself.

“It seems that particularly younger folks are more likely to be cord cutters and migrating to these types of skinny bundles,” Adgate said.

“Comcast wants a place at the table.” Instant TV streams ABC, NBC, Fox, and the CW.

In the run-up to the 1997 China handover, every mega-corporation on the planet was scrambling to establish a marketing launchpad there. Work involved limo-luxe travels with blue-chip clients from Delhi to Beijing. After a couple of months of increasingly intimate conversation, Mel confessed that she’d had a crush on me in high school.

There were teak-paneled suites, top-shelf martinis, speaking gigs all over the Pacific Rim and a sweet six-figure income. I spent the next four years fruitlessly searching for work. (MORE: Deeper Dating: A New Approach to Finding Love) Love in the Second Half of Life Desperate for work, I swallowed my pride and attended a holiday party at my old high school, hoping to do some networking. I found her worldly, intelligent, charming and funny. She’d even “stalked” me (her word), lurking near my house, hoping I’d show up. I told her I knew she existed and always wanted to get her to kiss me, but was too shy to make it happen.

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