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Fast forward 5 years later at the age of 25 and can barley save 0 that is going to my monthly IRA account...because of the business we acquired 5 yrs ago and now we might close the business coz it's not doing well. 300 in credit cards ,000 in student loans ,000 left on my car I make just over k in salary.And once I got in, they said not to worry and to focus on... I was so ashamed when I realized that I'd really spent all this money trying to...My goal is to free myself from the slavery of debt in pursuit of materialism.

I yearn to go back to school, but I will never take out another student loan. Someday, when I get a job, I'm going to pay them back.That wouldn't be so bad, they're not awful folks to deal with. to people who I thought needed my help including my dead beat mum.The national student loans center is pretty understanding. To having such self loathing I thought a breast augmentation was needed to make me happy.:( It's my fault for not paying more attention to my credit when I was younger.:( Right now, I get child support & social security. Since I had to buy the car in April, it's has seriously kicked my ***. I have started paying it all off slowly but it's so bad, I don't know how it got this bad:( Make that 0K if you add the interest I'll be paying over the next 25 years. The depression wiped out 80% of my income, all of my savings, all of my retirement savings, all of my assets, all of my cash, etc., etc., etc. It started with a relationship that had been bad from the beginning but I was still trying to keep it going.I never thought about it while still in school since my parents were like, "If you get into a good school we'll do anything to pay for it". I bought k worth of gifts and dinners and couples therapy appointment fees and things.

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