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This respect is expressed clearly in the ancient Egyptian theology and morality.

They had the opportunity to rule the country and have the same basic human rights as men.

More than a kind of feminism, this is a sign of the importance of theocracy in Egyptian society.

Women were also equally important to the Egyptians because of the importance of childbirth.

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On the corners of the mat were placed four bricks, believed to be the incarnation of four goddesses: Nut, the great goddess of the sky; Tefnut, the elder, the feminine polarity of the first couple; Aset the beautiful; and Nebet Hut, the excellent.

Typically, in ancient societies power was transferred from one male to the next.

Women gave birth to the heirs, signaling importance towards marriage, as well.

Some formulas, such as drinks made of celery base and beer, are dubious, but others show a basic knowledge of somewhat effective methods, such as a spermicide made of fermented acacia gum, which produces a sperm-killing lactic acid.

Once pregnant, the uterus was placed under the protection of a specific goddess, Tenenet.

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