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On 15 August 1219, during the feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God, Sava was consecrated by Patriarch Manuel I of Constantinople in Nicaea as the first Archbishop of the autocephalous (independent) Serbian Church.With the support of Emperor Theodore I Laskaris and "the Most Venerable Patriarch and the whole Constantinopolitan assembly" he received the blessing that Serbian archbishops receive consecration from their own bishops' assemblies without consenting with the Patriarch of Constantinople.The organizational work of Sava was very energetic, and above all, the new organization was given a clear national character.

Nicholas on the Lim; Moravica, seated at Monastery of St.According to Mileusnić it is possible that Sava did not agree with everything in his brother's international politics, however, his departure for Athos may also be interpreted as a preparation for obtaining the autocephaly (independence) of the Serbian Archbishopric.His departure was planned, both Domentijan and Teodosije, Sava's biographers, stated that before leaving Studenica he appointed a new hegumen and "put the monastery in good, correct order, and enacted the new church constitution and monastic life order, to be held that way", after which he left Serbia.In 1217, archimandrite Sava left Studenica and returned to Mount Athos.His departure has been interpreted by a part of the historians as a revolt against his brother Stefan accepting the royal crown from Rome.

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