Did dwayne wade dating star jones

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The divorce between Al Reynolds and Star Jones apparently came as a shock to Al.

Though the nature of Al’s sexual orientation has long been disputed (it’s really hard not to make a Big Gay Al reference here – so I want credit for holding back) apparently he was head-over-heels for Star, and wanted nothing to do with the divorce. I think Star wanted the divorce, not Al.” Ada admitted the relationship between Al and Star initially came as a surprise to her. He never seemed interested.” Now she fears how he’ll make it as a single man.

In fact he’s still so into her that Al’s mother is worried he won’t be able to pick himself up and carry on without the former prosecutor/former Despite reports that he engaged in a post-split champagne party with an entourage of sexy singles, Al Reynolds’ mother claims her son was crushed after his marriage to Star Jones fell apart. “Honestly, I don’t think that Al will move on from this. In Touch noted that Al Reynolds gave up his well-respected banking job to manage Star’s career after she was booted from Court TV.

In an interview with In Touch magazine, Ada tried to set the record straight. I am very concerned for him.” [From MSNBC’s Tabloid Tidbits] A lot of people are saying that Star seems to think that she can get someone better, now that she’s thinner. As friends,” Wade said Thursday of the state-of-play between him and the former View co-host. Are you the kind of friends that drink out of one cup with two straws? That’s all,” repeated Wade, who is married to his high school sweetheart. [From People] Married or not, I wouldn’t want to be linked to Star Jones either. But when he started working on a book at teaching at Florida Memorial University, Star saw that as abandonment.

We know Mister Wade was just a child himself when he came into all his basketball money so perhaps he went a little nuts on the day-core because, well, that’s what very young people with money do sometimes.There’s a lot of gossip that she’s dating married NBA player Dwyane Wade, though he has of course issued a “We’re just very good friends,” response. “We’re friends, just like a lot of celebrities.”, he insisted during his guest spot alongside Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith on the light-hearted TNT show Inside the NBA. ” Smith asked, referring to a much-discussed photo of Wade, 28, and Jones, 46, at a tennis match. Be wary Dwyane Wade: if you’re not all about Star, she will take one of those straws you two were sharing and somehow manage to strangle you with it.And she’s a former prosecutor, so she’ll probably know how to get away with it too.Upstairs in the master suite, which includes a giant beige tiled bathroom, we are genuinely mortified to find a circular bed. None the less Your Mama expects and sorta hopes that somewhere in the headboard is a tiny slot where one can drop a quarter to start the bed vibrating and rotating.This children, is an item of furniture that can actually work in honeymoon suites of cheesy motels in the Poconos and/or in glitzy high roller suites in be installed in private homes. Interlocking nickname “Flash” spelled out in custom tile work on the bottom.

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