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Or have you ever heard of the term, "Love at first sight"? I would have daddy issues for dating an old ass man . Do you understand how to distinguish theory from truth? I can judhe tf i want if i want who RU to tell me otherwise?I'm sorry if you don't know about these feelings cause no one wants your bitter ass. maybe you like old ass geezers with saggy balls i dont. Its 2016 , i make money infact women are becoming bread winners. You do realize that several of his claims are highly discredited by the scientific community? Is there a law that says i cant or are you forcing you beleifs down my throat. Now get the steppn n dont let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.The same would apply to interracial relationships/marriage.These types of relationships were unheard of a few decades ago, are you saying they should've remained that way because society didn't accept it? I'm not speaking from a biased standpoint, because personally I'd rather date someone very close to my age.All you guys think about is unnecessary things but when you fall in love with someone, you can't control it.That's how your heart feels and only your heart knows. If all you look for in a partner is to have sex, your values are so cheap and pathetic. Don't try to teach someone about psychology if that's all you know is general issues. Yes you are right, we are capable of being in control of our emotion only if we are only able to do so.They obviously recognized their differences but got over them because they value things other than age in their relationship I know right?Look at Korean kings and the age of the Queens they had haha.

If joo hyuk is as much as a scumbag as you make him out to be, do you really think that if he were dating someone his age, he wouldnt do the same to that 44 yr old woman (hypothetically speaking, if he actually were to be an asshole who leaves her with a baby)? I'm not promoting anything you are for supporting huge age gaps.

Well, it seems like we have another actor/actress couple! Love yeah sure great, but sometimes you have to quit being soo supportive of something by being all positive just because someone is in "Love".

you have to think of the realistic outcome of how badly this will end for her.

My new addition ;) As a pledge of love and hope for people who deal with suicidal thoughts, depression, addiction, and self injury...

He went to high school at New World School of the Arts. The author is you and the sentence is your life," the organization's website says.

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