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Argentina ¦ Australia ¦ Bahamas ¦ Barbados ¦ Belize ¦ Botswana ¦ Canada ¦ Cayman Islands ¦ China ¦ Croatia ¦ Denmark ¦ Egypt ¦ Europe ¦ Fiji ¦ France ¦ Ghana ¦ Guyana ¦ Haiti ¦ Hong Kong ¦ Hungary ¦ Indonesia ¦ India ¦ Iraq ¦ Ireland ¦ Jamaica ¦ Japan ¦ Jordan ¦ Kampuchea ¦ Kenya ¦ Lithuania ¦ Malaysia ¦ Malta ¦ Namibia ¦ Netherlands ¦ New Zealand ¦ Nigeria ¦ Pakistan ¦ Peru ¦ Philippines ¦ Poland ¦ St Vincent ¦ Seychelles ¦ Sierra Leone ¦ Singapore ¦ South Africa ¦ South Korea ¦ Sri Lanka ¦ Sudan ¦ Sweden ¦ Taiwan ¦ Tanzania ¦ Thailand ¦ Trinidad & Tobago ¦ Uganda ¦ United Kingdom ¦ United States ¦ Yemen ¦ Zimbabwe ¦ The World page.In the Country files section are links to documents concentrating on legislative or procedural aspects or the results of court cases, etc.On THIS page the material falls broadly into one of three categories: anecdotal accounts, reports of individual cases, and general opinion or debate pro or con.Unfortunately many people who put information on the Web forget to date it.Images of pages from a punishment book in the 1960s and 1970s.Since this is in New South Wales, all the canings would have been on the hand.How is this -- which, it seems, is OK with Unesco -- any less degrading (etc.etc.) than privately paddling them, which is not allowed in Illinois?

Lee Street School: Chapter 3 -- Slates and Cane The story of a school in Melbourne.

"False conceptions of culture often don't last long abroad." False Promises [PDF] From the World Family Policy Forum 2001, this essay on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child explains that the convention itself is largely fine; the problem is the way it is being interpreted by the wholly unelected and unaccountable UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

For instance, this committee has taken it upon itself to decide that all forms of corporal punishment, however reasonable and moderate, and even if given by the child's own parents, contravene the Convention's rule against "physical and mental violence".

However, these items can be taken to relate to recent times except where flagged as Culture Shock: Americans teaching abroad Review of a book, "Innocents Abroad: American Teachers in the American Century".

Raises the dilemma faced by "human rights"-focused teachers arriving to work in cultures where CP is "expected and effective".

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