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An AU Pros story, set fairly loosely in the world of Speilberg's 2001 film Artificial Intelligence.

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That is as it should be in suc Right after the president won his re-election bid for the White House, he made an interesting comment.

In looking over my record of sermons, I noticed many "good" sermons, but an obvious lack in the list of a single "great" sermon.

Tuesday last I awoke from my nightly slumber with terrific pain in my chest, much like an elephant break-dancing on my chest.

Bodie must return to his past as a mercenary, and Doyle - no one told him Cowley was mad - Doyle is sent undercover as a love mecha.

Often a store has a sign with the warning, "You break it, you bought it." This is to keep people from carelessly handling the merchandise.

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