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I served as VP for that buying cooperative for five years. One of the big projects I put together there was, even though we had 160, 170 really large businesses average size was about million dollars up to a couple 0 million.

We didn’t have a negotiated deal on office supplies and hotels and rental car and shipping.

And that is the kind of thing that rattles in the heads of many entrepreneurs.So simply by joining ABN free, you’re going to have access to about 50 or 60 national vendors, everything from shipping, to travel, to supplies, office supplies, computer supplies. : Yeah, and you sort of get that feeling but obviously you keep working.Really every place a business has sort of a common expense. Because, it ends up not to be all about the dollars.And also some major accomplishments and I guess anybody’s business career.: I want to talk about those disappointments including what your in laws said to you.

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